TikTok challenge blamed for deep holes left on Florida beaches


Officials in southwest Florida said deep holes found on area beaches are believed to be the result of visitors attempting a TikTok challenge.

Allison Ward of Sanibel said she has found four holes — up to 5 feet deep and 4 feet wide — on beaches during the past week.

“I almost fell in one,” Ward told WBBH-TV. “I’ve seen indentations, but I’ve never seen holes like this before.”

Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith said Public Works employees have been at work filling in the abandoned holes.

“When we’re looking at the depth and size of some of these holes that we’ve found on the beach, this wasn’t just really a sandcastle,” Smith said.

Smith said a viral challenge is believed to be behind the unusual holes.

“There was some TikTok challenges saying, ‘How deep can you dig?'” Smith said.

The Marco Island Police Department posted a photo to Facebook last week showing a large hole that was left on a beach with a shovel abandoned inside.

The department asked anyone digging holes on the beach to make sure they fill them in before leaving.

“Please refill the hole and kindly take your things with you. It’s a hazard to other beachgoers, especially our beautiful sea turtles,” the department wrote.